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Waifs and Strays by Charles DeLint

Since I read all the time, I figured that I could be of some service by reviewing books/short stories for the masses. What better way to kick it off than with the excellent British author Charles DeLint. He writes collections of the most amazing short stories. The collection I chose is called Waifs and Strays. While it is not only full of awesome stories, it also has some bangin' cover art:

In my opinion, that cover art is very reminiscent of the cover art on Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood. At any rate, it has sixteen stories in it ranging from only a few pages to a mini-novel. My favorite story in the novel however, is "Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood". It is full of excellent allusions to the tales of Merlin, mythology, and the general interconnectedness of myths and stories the world over. The story follows Sara growing up with her uncle Jamie in their sprawling house known as Tamson House where some quite magical events happen for young Sara...

Other stories that are excellent: While all the stories in the book are amazing, I also highly recommend: Fairy Dust, A Wish Named Arnold, The Graceless Child, and May This Be Your Last Sorrow.

Favorite Quote: "Memories flooded Sarah. She remembered a hundred afternoons of warm companionship. All those hours of quiet conversation and games. The peace that came from her night fears. If she said yes, then he'd go away. She'd lose her friend. And the night fears...Who'd be there to make the terrors go away? Only he had been able to help her. Not Jamie nor anyone else who lived in the house, though they'd all tried. "You'll go away...won't you?" she said. He nodded. An old man's nod. But the eyes were still young. Young and old, wise and silly, all at the same time. Her red-haired boy's eyes."

Final Rating: Out of five stars this scores a five. The stories transport you away, the cover art is gorgeous, and the collection of stories are different enough to satisfy any kind of mood.